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22 March 2020

2020 World Water Day on Water and Climate Change

World Water Day 2020is about water and climate change – and how they are inextricably linked. We celebrate it while humanity faces right now a health crisis of historic proportions. Around the world, people discover the shocking fragility of structures we have mistakenly taken for granted. They also experience the value of grassroots networking, solidarity, mutual support, spontaneous creativity and shared effort in the face of danger and difficulties. Let us extend our gratitude to all those who pull their weight to tackle the Corona crisis, especially those who keep critical infrastructures like health services or water and energy supply going.

Let us also draw inspiration, motivation and courage from our collective experience and, having eventually overcome the current health crisis, move on to tackle the next huge challenge: Adapting to the water effects of climate change will also protect health and save lives. Using water more efficiently will reduce greenhouse gases. In this, success will again depend on networking, mutual support, creativity, solidarity and shared efforts. We see plenty reason for optimism in this respect.

In particular on World Water Day we thank you for joining the effort to tackle “water and climate – the next challenge”.

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Kontribuar nga Danubis ndezur 21 March 2020

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21 March 2020

Update and information on the Corona virus for water and wastewater utilities

Following the first reports of cases of acute respiratory syndrome in the Chinese Wuhan municipality at the end of December 2019, Chinese authorities have identified a novel coronavirus as the main causative agent. The outbreak has rapidly evolved affecting other parts of China and outside the country. Cases have been detected in several countries in Asia, but also in Australia, Europe, Africa and North America.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), so far all countries in the Danube region have recorded cases of infection with coronavirus. As with influenza viruses, the novel coronavirus is transmitted via direct bodily contact or via droplet infection. As far as we can judge at this moment, any transmission of coronavirus via public drinking water supply can be excluded.


All the latest information on the cases of COVID-19.

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29 March 2020

Watch the Budapest Water Summit Livestream!

The Budapest Water Summit 2019 has started today.  For the three-day event, to be held at the Millenaris Park, nearly two thousand people from more than hundred countries have registered. The aim of the Conference is to bring together the world's political decision makers, water professionals and funding institutions to address the global water crises and tackle problems related to water at the highest level. The event is organized by the Government of Hungary.

Interested in joining, but no opportunity to go there? Watch the livestream on the YouTube channel!

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Kontribuar nga Administrator: Katerina Schilling ndezur 29 March 2020

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Business Opportunities

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Job Opening

@ Austria, REGIONAL

29 March 2020

Postgraduate Research Associate (Project Employment) / PhD position on "Regionalization of groundwater recharge in Austria

The Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment, Institute for Hydrology and Water Management at BOKU is currently seeking a Postgraduate Research Associate (project employment). The PhD position is integrated in the ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences) project „RechAUT“. The aim of this project is to quantify and predict groundwater recharge rates, their variability and uncertainties and the potential impacts for land use and water management in Austria.

The advertised PhD position will focus on the regional hydrological modelling and regionalization aspects of the project. However, there will be a strong and intensive collaboration with the other PhD students and team members involved. Gross monthly salary and pay grade in terms of collective agreement for university staff (payable 14 times per year): B1, € 2.148,40

Deadline for application: 16 October 2019

Postgraduate Research Associate (Project Employment) / PhD position on Regionalization of groundwater recharge in Austria - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - Joshs Water Jobs

The Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment, Institute for Hydrology and Water Management at BOKU is currently seeking a Postgraduate Research Associate (project employment). The PhD position is integrated in the ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences) project „RechAUT“. The aim of this project is to quantify and predict groundwater recharge rates, their variability and

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Job Opening

@ Austria, REGIONAL

29 March 2020

Research Assistant (part-time 20 hours per week) - the IIASA Risk and Resilience (RISK) Program

The successful applicant will join an interdisciplinary team to identify roles, opportunities, and pathways for cities to foster circular economy, and to become more resilient and livable under climate change across different urbanization contexts in China and Europe.

Deadline for application: 16 October 2019

Research Assistant (part-time 20 hours per week) - the IIASA Risk and Resilience (RISK) Program - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) - Joshs Water Jobs

Vacancy 28/2019 - The successful applicant will join an interdisciplinary team to identify roles, opportunities, and pathways for cities to foster circular economy, and to become more resilient and livable under climate change across different urbanization contexts in China and Europe.

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Kontribuar nga Administrator: Katerina Schilling ndezur 29 March 2020

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Calls and Tenders


29 March 2020

YWP watch out! Application period still open for Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme

The Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme aims to strengthen organisations from the nature conservation sector in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, by developing the personal capacity of early-career conservation professionals to overcoming global biodiversity loss. The training programme catalyzes personal capacity development through training on international best conservation practice and policy, management training, and personal network development.

Key features of the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme:

The only extra-occupational training programme for established conservation professionals from both governmental and non-governmental organizations of the region

Putting a broad focus on biodiversity policy

Promoting professional excellence

Focusing on technical, management and leadership skills

Considering the ecological, historical and political linkages among the transition countries of the Eurasian region

Fostering a professional network in support of regional cooperation in biodiversity conservation

Combining highly interactive seminars held in English language, field trips and inter-sessional assignments, e-learning as well as a transfer project.

The Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme is implemented by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) in partnership with IUCN, the CBD Secretariat, the Secretariat of the CMS, and UNEP-WCMC. Funding of the programme is provided by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Deadline for application: 10 October 2019

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Kontribuar nga Administrator: Katerina Schilling ndezur 29 March 2020

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Eventet e ardhshme

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EWA Green Capital Event 2020: ‘Risk Control and Resilience in the Urban Water Sector’

Lisbon, Portugal // 31 March 2020

Conference / Workshop

The EWA Green Capital Event 2020 has the title: ‘Risk Control and Resilience in the Urban Water Sector’. Lisbon was selected as the 2020 Green European Capital. This International Workshop will be supported by the Lisbon Municipality with involvement of the European Water Association (EWA), Lisbon International Center for Water (LisWater), and Águas do Tejo Atlântico (AdTA), and has the main objective to present and discuss the results of European large scale projects (BINGO and RESCCUE) about climate change adaption and resilience in the water sector, and to discuss the initiatives that are taken place in Lisbon city to adapt to climate change and increase resilience of the water sector especially regarding the management of domestic stormwater wastewater.

Gjuha: english

Fillimi i regjistrimit: 12 December 2019

Afati i fundit për regjistrim: 12 December 2019

Status: i mbyllur për regjistrim

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Kontribuar nga Danubis ndezur 12 December 2019

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Vienna University of Technology

13th IWA Specialised Conference on Design, Operation and Economics of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants

Vienna, Austria // 10 May 2020 - 14 May 2020

Conference / Workshop

This conference is the 13th in a series of conferences and celebrates in 2020 the 50 years anniversary of this great event. The first conference of the specialist group was held in Vienna and the anniversary conference will come back to this venue during a perfect time of the year – not only with respect the expected weather in Vienna but also because of the finalisation of the upgrade of one of Europe's largest wastewater treatment plants, the Vienna main wastewater treatment plant.

The conference will focus on all aspects of the design and operation of large wastewater treatment plants including economic topics. It will also discuss research and technology for nutrient removal and recovery approaches. It will bring together operators, designers and consultants on one side with researchers, university teachers, life cycle analysis (LCA) specialists, developers, technology and equipment providers on the other side.

Special emphasis will be given to active participation of young water professionals. The conference will provide a forum for ideas and opinion exchange and for sharing practical experience spanning the whole range from design and operation of large wastewater treatment plants to concepts of wastewater management in “Cities of the Future”. The scientific programme will be accompanied by a poster session. The poster session will provide a lively forum for discussion and idea exchange between conference participants and poster authors.

Gjuha: english

Fillimi i regjistrimit: 06 December 2018

Afati i fundit për regjistrim: 10 May 2020

Status: i hapur për regjistrim

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Kontribuar nga Katerina Schilling ndezur 06 December 2018

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IHE Delft

6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity for the Water Sector

Delft, The Netherlands // 27 May 2020 - 29 May 2020

Conference / Workshop

Despite great progress in extending water and sanitation services globally, our world is currently facing more, and more urgent, challenges around water security than ever before. We are still far from reaching the SDG 6 (and other water-related) goals on water supply and sanitation. The insecurity and risks associated with water scarcity, flooding, storm surges and sea-level rise are increasing. The combined forces of climate change and growing water demand propelled by economic growth could see the world tip from a predominantly water-abundant place, to one that is predominantly water-scarce by 2045. At the same time as the urgency increases, new investments and policies must navigate deeper regulatory, financial and political complexity and provide answers for a future that brings growing uncertainty.

In this 6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity in the Water Sector, IHE Delft, the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, OECD, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cap-Net/UNDP, Deltares, the UNHABITAT/Global Water Operator Partnership Alliance, Rand Water and others will convene leaders in the water profession and beyond to explore what the future is likely to bring and how new developments in implementation science can help us to act by strengthening institutional capacity. By bringing together key stakeholders to consider the most pressing challenges and emerging solutions in the field, the Symposium aims to identify and improve upon the concepts, priorities, strategies and tools to develop institutional capacity and share knowledge at a global scale for addressing these challenges. The Symposium will help outline the core skills, knowledge and attitudes the world’s water professionals and the institutions will need, and to build clear commitment to identify and act on concrete multi-stakeholder actions.

The Symposium aims to build on the concepts of capacity development and move towards an implementation science. Though most countries now dispose of policies, laws and plans, their effective implementation remains the systemic challenge. Implementation science is commonly defined as the study of strategies and methods to promote the embedding into routine practice of interventions that have proven effective, with the aim of enhancing overall water security.

Gjuha: english

Fillimi i regjistrimit: 05 September 2019

Afati i fundit për regjistrim: 27 May 2020

Status: i hapur për regjistrim

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Kontribuar nga Danubis ndezur 05 September 2019

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Burimet e shtetit

Research Report

29 March 2020

Pdf skedari i vlefshëm në:


Evis Gjebrea, Oltjana Zoto

Regionalization of Water Supply and Sewerage Companies as a Solution for the Efficiency of Water Supply and Sewerage Sector: Case of Albania

The aim of this paper is to analyze the efficiency of water supply and sewerage sector in Albania. The study focuses on the current situation of water supply and sewerage companies for the entire year 2011, as well an analysis of factors creating premises for achieving efficiency benefits. For the purposes of this study an analysis of three performance indicators that have a serious impact on the financial sustainability of a typical water and sewerage company is carried out using the data from the Performance Monitoring and Benchmarking Program for all water companies in Albania. The data are calculated based on weighted average basis for groupings of water companies/utilities using the “population served” by the company as the basis of “scale”. The main result of the analysis is that the potential for economies of scale can exist in the case of Albania since 74% of water supply and sewerage companies serve a number of populations of less than 50,000 inhabitants. The result of the analysis shows that an increase in served population will normally be related to an increased population density, which also direclty contributes to achieving economies of scale and getting above a served population of 100,000 people are where economies of scale can start to make a real difference. In order to achieve this efficiency, the aggregation of companies and creation of regions may be the solution for this efficiency to be realized.

Vlerësimi juaj
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Research Report

29 March 2020

Pdf skedari i vlefshëm në:


World Bank

Decentralization and Service Delivery in Albania: Governance in the Water Sector

This review of the water sector in Albania was prepared as a background paper to the World Bank’s Country Partnership Strategy for Albania for 2011–2014. This review draws on past analytical work on decentralization in Albania as well as relevant World Bank-financed operations such as the Water Sector Investment Project.

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Research Report


Pdf skedari i vlefshëm në:


World Bank - Danube Water Program

Albania Country Note

Water and Wastewater Services in the Danube Region - A state of the sector

This note is part of a regional state of the sector review and makes an overall assessment of the state of the sector along different dimensions - namely the context for services, the organization of services, access to services, performance of services and the financing of services.

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