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@ Czech Republic

Czech Water Association, Czech Technical University in Prague

14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD)

Praha, Czech Rebuplic // 10 September 2017 - 15 September 2017

Since 1981, the IWA/IAHR Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) has organized the triennial International Conferences on Urban Drainage (ICUDs). Recognised as the most important international event in the field of urban drainage, ICUDs are held in different parts of the world by groups of active researchers, selected and designated by the JC after a competitive assessment of submitted proposals. Since 2005, the Poul Harremoës Award competition has been held for the best urban drainage paper presented by a young author during each ICUD and since 2011, the JCUD Mid-Career and Career Achievement Awards for internationally recognised contributions to the field of urban drainage are granted.

The ICUD conference aims to present the latest advances and innovative approaches in fundamental and applied research on urban drainage, taking into account meteorological, hydrological, hydraulic, water quality and socio-economic aspects worldwide. Among its specific interests are urban water quality, sewer sediments, source control, storm water management, combined sewer overflows, drainage in cold and alpine climates, real time control of urban drainage systems and the data and models related to urban water. The ICUD strives to maintain its long-standing broad international recognition as a prominent platform for the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of urban drainage. It considers its activities in the wider context of urban water systems, with the ambition of developing and promoting a sustainable and integrated urban water management.

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Contributed by Katerina Schilling on 16 February 2017